• Obtain new leases for prospective business from small retail, restaurants to large corporate businesses and warehouses. 
  • Negotiate leases for renewal terms to continue in current business tenancy. 
  • Development of overall market expansion strategy for businesses
  • Development of an expansion timetable based on business requirement’s needs, market conditions, governmental approvals and additional factors.
  • Research of zoning changes, traffic, construction requirements and other considerations on those sites deemed suitable

We don’t just save you money and time, we help your business grow.

Why use us?

  • Specialised businesses with over 15 years of experience in commercial leasing and commercial business sales
  • Individualised and personalised service to undertand the business, provide projections based on financial analysis then to create an business plan to cater for expansion or deduction of operational areas
  • Niche business based of relationships forged for many years to understand not just the intricacies of metro cities but neighbouring areas that have projected future growth

The winning edge

  • Tailored and individual approach. 
  • Will not take on clients that we already have usages for so there is no conflict of interest. 
  • Because our business consultants do not represent any commercial landlord listings, we have NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST